Blood Donation at President's Estate - 2010

"Blood Donation at President's Estate - 2010"

We are very much thankful for giving us opportunity to do the work in President's Estate, with the interest of you, this is first time organized blood donation camp in President's Estate, we did campaign within the PERWA just on 17th June, 2010 and we got response on positive like on 18th about 53 donors came for blood donation out of them 39 people donated blood as they were fit candidates, rest of them were unfit. On 19th response was little better because that was Saturday which is off for president's secretariat staff, on Saturday 69 people came, out of them only 43 people were fit to donate blood.

People of PERWA was very much inspired when Secretary to the President of India, Joint Secretary to the President, Mrs. Mitra, Military Seretary to President of India and many other officers came to participate this noble cause. We have seen there were so many middle age ladies came for first time donating their blood for the patient those are in death bed.

This programme was in very short notice if we can do this camp again in the notice of 15 days then may be donor will be large number, because there is some people those are eagerly asking on phone when is the next and venue of the camp. This is our humble request if you advocate the people then they will be more inspired and donor will appeared in large number.