Culture and its value in our lives

Culture is the quintessence of all natural goods of the world and of those gifts and qualities which, while belonging to man, lie beyond the immediate sphere of his needs and wants.

This was quoted by Joseph Pieper, which explains now important culture is that transcends time and space in human civilization. But it is unfortunate that inspite of having inherited a rich cultural heritage, we Indians, are failing to uphold it, further it, let alone valuing it. It is indeed, quite disappointing that with the impact of foreign culture we have started ignoring our own culture and glorifying the contra-culture.

If our youth are misled today, the days will not be far that our civilization will face extinction. Macver once said, "If civilization is the driving force of society, culture is its steering wheel".

Hence, before it is too late, we all should start pondering over the ways and means to motivate the young generation and focus our attention to arouse in them the sentiment to love and respect our culture.

Education and culture are integrally related. Culture can be passed on from one generation to other by means of education only. Education plays an active role in the process of culture formation too. If education fails to impart knowledge about the existing culture to the young generation, then sooner or later, the culture of that nation will pass into oblivion.

Culture educates the individual informally and tries to inculcate values to the human being, which normally is expected in the society. Art and cultural education has aesthetic value, which helps to develop a person mentally, morally, socially, emotionally and also spiritually. It also facilitates in the overall/all round development of personality. A man becomes perfect when he understands the value of "cultural education".

Hence knowing the culture and practicing them in the day to day life helps the society in development for the country.

DCOSWS' main motto is to enlighten the new generation about the importance of "Art and Culture". It will also be a reminder of the rich ancient values of Indian society, and cultivates in the people a taste for the art.

The traditions must be preserved. Art and culture must be enriched so as to meet the ever-changing demands of the changing society.