Drawing Competition

Drawing Competition By Underprivileged In New Delhi

The primary objective of Divyajyoti Cultural Organisation And Social Welfare Society is to promote Indian art and culture, to encourage the artists and their performances, to develop and expand the scope of art, and among other things, to regenerate our cultural heritage and educate our younger generation about the values of art and culture in our society and day to day lives. DCOSWS will work not only to regenerate the Cultural activities among the children in our society, but will also arrange motivational programmes for the Physical Challenge and Underprivileged students.

DCOSWS organized a mega drawing competition by under privileged children in New Delhi Area. It is our social duty to look after children those are really deprived. It was a big event for us because we have to arrange for their drawing sheets and pencils, colors, eraser, sharpener. All participants got certificates and qualified candidates got awards. Participants was more than 1000 children from various clusters in New Delhi area.